Monday, March 30, 2015

I Spy: Jersey in ATX, Fiber Space & SNO-BEACH!

I spy with my little eye...

Two cranes in the Austin skyline (from this angle at least)...

A precious cupcake from Delish...

Jersey Boys in Austin, and...

a Blue Raspberry and a Pomegranate snowcone!

What fun things did you do this week?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Google Fiber + Mayor Steve Adler

WOW, I must say the Google's Fiber Space is just... Wow. Billy and I attended Austin Young Chamber's "Google Series: Conversation with Mayor Steve Adler" to check out the space and Austin's new mayor, Steve Adler.  And I must admit, I was impressed with both.

Fiber Space really nailed the essence Austin with this open space. From the enormous screen behind the stage to small picture frame sized screens streaming local and national channels, everywhere you look there is technology. Yet, there are very natural elements to the space. Large windows that give the illusion you are in an open-air space and a wood stage that brings the outdoors inside. Google never ceases to amaze me.

AYC Executive Director Matt Glazer kicked off the evening and reminded attendees how import they are to the community AYC is making a strategic effort to get Chamber members more engaged civically with 770 seats coming available on various Austin committees and commissions.

Mayor Steve Adler then took over and told his story.

Adler moved to Austin in 1976, when it was called "The Friendly City". Now in 2015, Austin is the most economically segregated city. This is something Adler has set his sight on fixing. He mentioned it was young professionals who consciously transformed Austin into "The Live Music Capital" many years ago.

In a recent meeting with other mayors, the New York City Mayor told Adler he thought Austin may be the only city cooler NYC. But throughout the night, the thing that stuck with me the most- even over the impressive space- was Adler saying "There's nothing worse than being the city that use to be cool." 

As the Austin community is nearing at a fork in the road, there are very critical decisions being made for the future of this city. The decisions we make will be lived with for the next 10, 20, and even 30 years and its up to us to make them! I encourage you to checkout The City of Austin's Boards and Commissions openings to see the impact you can make to our awesome city!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SXSW Photo Hunt

SXSW has come and gone. It was a crazy two weeks. While I'm happy to share my city with 70,000 new people, I sure am glad to have Austin back to its normal weirdness.

But before I officially say bye to SXSW, I wanted to share a few of my entries in Austin360's SXSW Photo Hunt. Austin360 challenged folks to snap photos of various sightings around town- you can view the original list here. My moderate participation earned me 4th place-- but no prize. I had a blast scouring posters on every corner (I think I was the only person to post a typo!) to spying on every pedi-cab to find a celebrity (no luck!). It added another element of fun to SXSW for this non-badge holding, still working 9-5, downtown livin' girl!

A photo posted by Ashley Moyer (@ashleymoyer) on

A photo posted by Ashley Moyer (@ashleymoyer) on

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