Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Movin' On... Downtown

I have always been someone that goes after what I want. I love to "Go For It!" As a kid, I learned the overwhelming power of goal setting and dreams (learn more about this here). When I was in college at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas I decided that one day I wanted to live in a downtown of a good sized city. Ideally, I wanted to someday live in downtown Austin.

After I graduated from college, I started a business. I wrote some books. I continued to work hard to achieve my goals. Then I met Ashley, and before I knew it we were engaged (only six months later!). We were married a year later and over the past three years we have been building a life together. A few months ago, I thought about my dream of moving into downtown Austin. I shared it again with Ashley and we decided the time was now. Once you have been married a few years, the question you usually get is "you guys having kids soon?" Well our answer to that question now is: "No, we are moving downtown." Kids can wait. This is our time to experience life in a different way.

Ashley and I began searching out places in downtown Austin and we finally settled on a gorgeous highrise located on Brazos and San Jacinto. There was one catch though: It was only a studio! For us to move downtown, we had to lose a lot of square feet. But that was okay. It would be an adventure! Then we realized that paying to park two cars downtown was not smart so we sold one of our cars.

In a short time Ashley and I are going from a two bedroom place with 1000+ square feet in basically the suburbs to a 500 square foot studio downtown. We also were going from two cars to one car for us to share. More than anything we are leaving a somewhat predictable life and starting fresh with the next phase of that life. Realizing your dreams takes sacrifice. Ashley and I believe the sacrifices we will make for this dream are worth. This will be the downtown phase of our life and we know it will be incredible.

Achieving a dream is amazing. I love crossing things off my dream list and I am so happy I get to cross this one off my list with the love of my life. Over the next year, Ashley and I (people call us BAshley) will blog about our experience with this new lifestyle. We will share with you the good and the bad. We will post food and entertainment reviews. We will write about what its like sharing a car and using public transportation (if you're from Austin you should celebrate one less car on the roads!). We will even post ideas for getting the most out of your studio space! We want to share our adventure with others to hopefully encourage you to take a chance, a risk and do something people won't expect. We hope you will cross something off your dream list and maybe even share it with us!

We move in to our new place in less than two weeks! Stay tuned! This should be fun.

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