Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Austin Experience

Last week you heard from Billy about his dream of living downtown. I had only heard him mention this dream about every other month since we've been together. And I think every time he said it, I rolled my eyes. I grew up in the suburbs of DFW and love everything about the land of strips malls and Super Targets!

This summer I noticed my preferences changing. Maybe it was seeing friends purchase their first homes? Or seeing others start families? I think it really came down to the realization that I have not truly experienced Austin since moving here nearly three and a half years ago.  I haven't been to ACL, X Games, COTA or any of the other cool events that come to Austin. I haven't been to Austin staples like S. Congress' First Thursday, the Farmer's Market downtown, or to Zilker Park (aside from a Trail of Lights visit).When friends or family come down to visit, I quickly run out of ideas due to my lack of knowledge about my own city!

So what's the best way to experience Austin? MOVE TO THE CENTER OF THE CITY! In May, I finished a two year graduate program to earn my MBA. Our current lease was coming to an end. Between Billy and I, we have just a few years left in our twenties. When would we have a better opportunity than right now?

While it took us months to find something that was just right for us, we finally decided on our new place primarily because it had received a Walk Score of 94 (out of 100). We can't complain about traffic or parking when everything is within walking distance!

I'm excited for the next year of our lives and I look forward taking you all on this adventure as we experience our wonderful city!

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