Thursday, June 25, 2015

Making our balcony feel like a backyard

When moving to our downtown studio I knew we were going to make some sacrifices. One is definitely not having a backyard. Since we've always lived in apartments this wasn't a huge change for us. I tell everyone "Downtown is our backyard so I don't mind not having one." Truth is- it does. As the summer months have been approaching, friends and family are taking on new projects around the house. New patios. New grills. New landscaping. In my "backyard" I get a new crane.

A huge selling point for our apartment building was the large patios. No other buildings for rent could compare to our balconies. So why not use it better?

Billy and I decided we were going to grow some veggies on our 15x5 patio. We were finally going to give our planter a life with its true purpose, not as blanket storage!

My eyes got excited by these flowers. They were bright and colorful in the store- how could I resist? The color lasted for a few weeks. But have now seen their better days.

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Our veggies didn't see the immediate growth like the flowers. But now- BAM! Tomatoes.

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This weekend we will spend sometime removing the flowers and giving our tomato plants some room to continue the growth. Its been fun checking in on our tomatoes. We don't see much green being Downtown!

What spring/summer projects have you taken on?

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